Printi has been developed with the goal to introduce typography to children. Thanks to Printi, they will have the opportunity to learn more about typography, the history and the tools that have been the starting point of the human culture.

The mission is to use the typography as a tool to teach. Printi is a friendly and easy-to-use machine, entirely made of wood, that you and bring always with you. It has been developed to be used both for young and adult.
It looks like a box and with few simple gestures, it transforms into a real typography machine with all the alphanumeric symbols that you need to create all the words you want.
Printi is a physical game in the digital area; letters, characters and your fantasy will work together to discover again your manual skills.

The main goal of this project is to play with children starting not from their own fantasy and way of thinking, not using the traditional method to teach them prefixed ideas and expectations. They will learn through their own daily life and manual skills, not through theoretical definitions and formalities. This will teach them how to live the world and get in contact with other people without being influenced by external factors. Pending Utility Model.



Printi and his components, all the things you need to start a print process.