Bergamo | 12—15 Aprile 2018

The relationship between “experience and narration”, between the world of the past and today’s technological context.

In today’s world, old and new values coexist. Offline and online. Images of high symbolic value, which are held dear to our fathers’ generations, are juxtaposed with contemporary icons, made by their children. The result is a break in the homogeneous collective imaginary which steers the social development of the country.

This is the foundational theme for this edition of Lilliput. An ever more contemporary theme that creates a contrast and a collaboration, a love and hate relationship, between the analog and the digital.


How can we preserve the manual component of process and the transmission of its knowledge in a world that seems increasingly stuck behind a digital screen?

The Alpini Corp in Bergamo, with our collaboration and the technical support of Opendot, have tried to create a synergy between the printing process (simplified for adults and children) and one of the elements that has played a fundamental role in communication between family and soldiers at the front during the wars: THE POSTCARD.

Via an historical re-enactment, the resulting initiative has walked children through a full “alpine immersion” in the history, the uniforms, the clothing, folklore and typography of the time.


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